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Event Barricades Temporary Fencing in Tulsa & Surrounding Areas Including Stillwater & Tahlequah, OK

Similar to fencing, barricades are one of the best ways to restrict pedestrians, secure a crowd, and keep roads open and traffic moving. Aimright delivers and installs temporary barricades for your event, so you and your guests can enjoy added security and safety.    

Fencing vs. Barricades  

Temporary fencing and barricades essentially have identical functions, but there are different factors that must be considered when trying to choose the best barrier system for your event. 

Temporary fences are tall (usually about 6 ft) and are generally made from chain link material. They can be installed with screens and sandbags for greater privacy and stability. Ideally, fences are used to keep people and animals out of certain areas, so they are wholly restricting and offer the best security. Fences are perfect for large-scale enclosures, such as construction sites and parking lots. 

Barricades are short (about 3.5 ft) and are usually used for crowd control and pedestrian or vehicle redirection. Because they are not as fortified as fences, barricades are ideal for events where guests are an audience, like a concert or a parade. 

Benefits of Barricades 

Although temporary fencing is a great option for certain events, temporary barricades also offer some benefits. Barricades are smaller, so they can be used in tighter spaces, where fencing may be too large. Additionally, because of their shorter height, barricades tend to feel more open and don't restrict vision. Installing barricades helps with the following: 

  • Directing pedestrian traffic
  • Controlling crowds at large events
  • Providing pedestrian safety
  • Sectioning off/restricting access to certain areas 
  • Channeling traffic flow in parking lots 

Contact Aimright for Event Barricades 

Aimright services events in the Tulsa, Stillwater, and Tahlequah, Oklahoma area. Contact Aimright or call us at 918-233-3575 and let our friendly staff assist you. 

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